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Jun 22nd at 11AM

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Bought the Caletvwtch set on Toy Con yesterday. Just put the stickers on today. Those dry transfer decals look scary; too small and too many of them.

The black-on-red lines were panel washed with acrylic sludge. I tried the same method for the grey-on-white but kinda messed up the mix the first time and haven’t tried anymore since.

The additional Caletvwtch are so fidly to wield, though. The slots for the hand pegs don’t really fit well and the weight doesn’t help. The suit’s fingers don’t hold up well at times too, with the frail thumb joint popping out too much of the time.

But you can detach the blades of those two swords to form smaller swords and it even comes with connectors for 2 blades to make boomerangs and the lance mode.

The backpack conversion comes with the Caletvwtch set so no further mods were needed to attach it with the Tactical Arms. But it is very loose. Most of the time the HG stand that comes with the Red Frame is needed.


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