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Resident Evil Genius
Kinou made no shinjitsu o subete kudaite iku nda.
Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you.
The world revolves around you. It 's more fun to think so.
Ten no michi o iki, subete o tsukasadoru.


Oct 18th at 11PM

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Kara Seungyeon

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Oct 18th at 11AM

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Oct 16th at 7AM

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Working on higher res sketches and better proportions with SAI.

Working on higher res sketches and better proportions with SAI.

Oct 12th at 10PM

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Oct 8th at 9PM

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They’re extremely talented at going up and down levels of abstraction.

They make a lot of assumptions.

They come up with unique ways to compress information.

They separate emotion or external thoughts from their thinking.

They connect seemingly unrelated things.

They think visually (or in some way sensorially). They can condense complexities or abbreviate concepts so figuratively, a page becomes a word.

They can be polyfocal multifocal with their train of thought.

They recognize patterns that are obfuscated by conceptual noise.

They are not restricted by definitions and as such, can “open a paint can with chisel”. Using ideas analogically and thinking laterally opens doors that others don’t even notice.

They cross-reference their personal database so that concepts become standardized and more transferable

Oct 7th at 6AM

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G Reco 1 

Oct 5th at 11PM

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Either the cuts are way off or I’m too tired to comprehend what was going on. The first part of the episode was confusing: I didn’t know which faction was which. Did the G-Self get captured by enemies? How is it back again?

The art and animation style is quite refreshing. It has that ‘old anime’ look to it that the ‘newer’ Universal Century series have been going for. It looks identical to screenshots of Turn A Gundam I’ve seen. Those pop-ups into the pilot’s cockpits were distracting during the battles, though.

I thought that the ED was too spoiler-y. It revealed some future characters (Masked Char clone?) and a few new add-ons for the G-Self.

The mech designs also look very cartoony, I’ve read that they were made to cater to the children of the older generation of fans.

Onto the characters, I thought some of them reacted weirdly to some of the scenes. Maybe it was too realistic or unrealistic. I can’t quite put my finger on it. But they sure didn’t react as anime stereotypes.

RE: Transcendence’s Ending 

Sep 27th at 10PM

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'Watched this at the cinema before. I decided to look up the 'plot' according to wikipedia. Because a certain anime's finale reminded me of it.
And I completely disagree with what was written on the page. So here’s my interpretation of it.

Whether Max’s virus failed or not isn’t relevant. Will uploaded Eve and that is the important part.

Before, the AI was unbalanced. Will’s thirst for knowledge was uncontested. But now, both Will and Eve are part of the AI. Eve’s compassion is in the equation. She balances out Will’s greed with her desire to save the planet.

The remaining puddle of nano-particles in Will and Evelyn’s garden is now a representation of their new union. And that after all the events they decided to return to the comfort of their home.

From the top of my head, this interpretation was influenced by two things. First is Alien X from Ben 10. It’s the most powerful being known. But it is made up of two minds always in debate, with Ben always needed as the tie-breaker. The other is from Evangelion, which their AI is divided into three different personalities who cooperatively makes decisions.

Sep 27th at 3PM

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Sep 26th at 11PM

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Unbox. This arrived in the mail today!

Sep 26th at 6AM

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get some mileage.

get some mileage.

Sep 25th at 7AM

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how do they do soft brush sketches… -_-

how do they do soft brush sketches… -_-

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