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Resident Evil Genius
Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you.
The world revolves around you. It 's more fun to think so.
Ten no michi o iki, subete o tsukasadoru.


Jul 23rd at 6AM

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Jul 22nd at 4PM

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Nu (Wave)Ride

Sycra’s Stream 6/28 Transcript. 

Jul 21st at 7AM

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What is your go-to subject? Girls and faces,

because those are the two things I never see all my life. LOL

They say that girls are the hardest things to draw (I kinda agree with this).

But it’s harder to draw cool guys. Girls can be cool by default.

Environments because there’s more abstraction.


PureRef: http://www.pureref.com/download.php

Download for $0.


A lot of kids will suddenly seem they’re really good.

But that’s because they are confident because they’ve had people tell them they’re really good.

And when you believe you’re good at art, that’s when you really become good at art.

Art is a confidence game. 


Utilize your perception and strengths to your advantage.

People have different approaches. Like Naruto season one.


What comes with time and/or studying?

Time is just making a lot of mistakes and learning from them.

With time: Proportions, page visualization, hand-eye coordination. lines.


I’d probably do more of these transcripts for future references.

Note that all quotes will most likely be paraphrased and not exact.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-p9-PznhfM

Jul 20th at 10PM

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process gif


process gif

Jul 20th at 6PM

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Photo reference used for the painting.


(by myprivatetokyo)

Photo reference used for the painting.

(by myprivatetokyo)

Jul 19th at 7PM

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Jul 19th at 3PM

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[140719] GaEun for ‘Star1’!


[140719] GaEun for ‘Star1’!

Jul 18th at 11PM

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WIP. Tokyo.

WIP. Tokyo.

Jul 18th at 9PM

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Jul 17th at 10PM

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ref: Avatar

ref: Avatar

Jul 16th at 8PM

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Earlier, I resorted to using filters. D:
It was a slow day after building this guy.

Jul 15th at 6PM

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The last Legend BB Strike Ryubi from Landmark.

Jul 14th at 9PM

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